All Strike Pest is renowned for its scintillating pest control services, through the quality provided by responsible service and an exorbitant standard. The company was established for the sole mission of furnishing a special caliber of pest control service along with lofty customer gratification; we strike the pests before they bite you. Over the years our disciplined and efficient employees have performed within the required control and care to sustain the highest level of efficiency and quality. All Strike Pest uses E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) approved products which replicates our promise to the protection of the environment and the health of our society. Every service of ours is executed by experienced professionals and certified technicians.

At All Strike Pest, our aim is to always remain up to date with the current innovations, technological advancements and equipment; our workforce includes exclusive machinery and organic (EPA) friendly methods. We are also one of the first in line to comply with any regulatory changes. The additional training provided to the already skilled service technicians ensures that they are trained in advanced aspects of pest control. Our staff is comfortable in tackling any situation, which is result of their hard work and know-how they got while working with the government organizations, hospitals, schools, manufacturing premises, hotels and other commercial establishments.